Asian wedding videography Birmingham

Tariq Malik studios provide Asian wedding videography Birmingham services, specializing in high-quality filmmaking and photography. Our skilled and experienced personnel have many decades of work expertise, so you can rest assured that your big day is in the right hands. We are experts in Asian wedding photography in Birmingham, with high-quality work throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas.


Tariq Malik videography is an exciting media production headquartered in Birmingham that has been delivering wedding services for several years, an array of high cinematography and photography. We are a professional photographer and cinematographer headquartered in Birmingham. We have our in-house staff of young and incredibly creative individuals and a dependable in-house editing team.
That brings together their expertise, creativity, and editing talent to make your memorable day rewindable. Buyer happiness is at the base of all we do, and we strive to give first-class service to all of our clients. We will help you prepare your certain day, keep it well structured, and ensure that you are never bored.


crew constantly

The crew constantly connects via wireless technology during the work, and our creative expertise choreographs and directs the major event. In addition, we will collaborate with you on arranging and capturing the tiniest details with cutting-edge technology and equipment. So, whenever you need top-class and professional  Asian wedding videography in Birmingham, give us a call now.

We Offer photography & Asian wedding videography Birmingham

The Tariq Malik Birmingham-based team specializes in Asian wedding photography. We work hard to make your big day one to remember. Moreover, we have extensive experience in Asian photography and cinematography for various events, including Asian weddings, Nikkahs, Engagements, Walima, Mehndi, Parties, and more.

We service the entire Birmingham as well as the rest of the country. In addition, we currently offer our Asian wedding photography services to clients worldwide. So contact us right now for an incredible price and first-rate service.

Cinematography for Asian weddings in Birmingham

We can create a professional movie-like simulation of your special day with our decades of work expertise in Asian Wedding Cinematography in Birmingham and surroundings. Also, we develop a sense of joy and happiness on your big day using high-tech equipment, story-telling, specialty lighting, and music. Inside the Asian Wedding videography sector, we provide personalized and bespoke service.

Every season, we shoot a small number of Asian wedding videos. Friendly, creative, and skilled Asian wedding videographers make up our crew. For your big day, choose an Asian wedding videographer/cinematographer. However, we have much more satisfied clientele in other areas. Tariq Malik’s videography cover so many styles, types, and options of capturing wedding videos or pictures that take your memorable moment to make:


The activities will not always occur in chronological sequence, or scenes of the vows may be alternated with pictures of the dance floor, resulting in a more artistic portrayal of the day’s ceremonies than a documentary-style film.



This popular wedding videography approach, often known as video journalistic integrity, chronologically depicts all day’s occasions and is edited clearly, no-nonsense.

Guerilla filmmaking

It is a naturalistic approach. The videographer often works alone and with a little handheld camera to mix with some wedding attendees and capture a more accurate day picture. The outcomes are less polished on purpose, with a greater emphasis on the feelings and overall atmosphere of the day. Consider reality television videos with unexpected honest moments.


This style is famous for wedding videos because it has an old-school grainy atmosphere with vintage-looking color grading or a softening effect, a sepia tone, or a dark development like an old film. Also, filtration, which is electronic modifications added later during the editing step resulting in two editions: an initial clean copy and a styled copy, or Ultra eight mm film, an old film from the sixties that requires a specialist camera, are two ways to do this.


full-length film Asian Wedding Videography Birmingham

A functionality edited video to contain all of the day’s significant events. A “feature” wedding movie varies depending on the videographer, although it is generally two hours long.

Booth for filming

Moreover, Video confessional booths, like photo booths, engage your guests while providing fun keepsakes. Visitors stop by throughout the evening to capture good greetings or, even better, amusing anecdotes on camera, which are put up in a quiet spot or outside the reception. Most videographers will also construct highlight reels from your guests’ clips, which you may share later.

Trailer for a wedding

Too, A wedding trailer is a three to five-minute feature film that captures the entire day in one beautiful, shareable package . Various scenes from the day can mix with songs . And often discussions with your community and wedding party to make a short, emotional clip, similar to a feature-length cinematographic video . Most videographers will give you a link to share your trailer on the internet.

Different Options


B-roll includes shots of the surroundings, attendees strolling about, and anything else that is not a memorable wedding moment. Videographers are using this background scenery to make the film more attractive. Also, assist the scene in wedding videos.

DSLR camera

Too, Create a high-quality look. Many videographers employ high-definition DSLR cameras to have a high-quality look for a single digital reflex. In addition, your shooter may use the same digital camera for your still shots.


Also, This is what your cameraman performs between the time the lenses stop rolling and when you receive your complete video package, also known as editing. Music, titles, and special effects are added to make the video(s) you want in this process.

Unprocessed footage

Suppose you ask the cinematographer for the raw video from your marriage. In that case, you will have every moment of uncut video captured during the day, and it may last several hours!


Editing on the same day

With a same-day edit, you may watch your wedding film right after it is finished! Then, an editor will emerge with a computer to create a small highlight movie of the pre-wedding preparations, ceremony, or even your ceremony entrance, which will share later in the evening.

Editing a single event

A cameraman generates particular highlights on the specific event using solo clips. The rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and spotlight dances, for example.


The soundtrack described is the music that will accompany your edited wedding movie. You can use one song, a mix of songs, or skip the soundtrack entirely.


This gear attaches a handheld camera to a videographer’s arm and shoulder, giving smooth, sweeping shots.


Birmingham camera operators will set up fixed cameras to record the best for best Asian wedding videography Birmingham service. Hence, the footage will be sped up to create a few-second clip throughout the edited process. 

Time-lapse is frequently used in various areas of the film to depict the progression. Also, and provide a smooth change among day events. For example, time-lapse footage is often used to capture sunrises, sunsets, decor prep, and dance floors.